TeachersTeachers is a comedy web series about the small and often wildly inappropriate conversations teachers have with each other in the course of their workday.

The concept and idea was created by Chicago teacher and director, Matt Miller, who then recruited the popular all female comedy ensemble, ‘The Katydids‘ to help bring the concept to life.

The very funny web series quickly gained popularity on the web and caught the attention of The Onion, who approached The Katydids about partnering up to to create more episodes. Shortly after, The Katydids caught the attention of another online comedy company: Above Average Productions.

Above Average is Lorne Michaels’ online company, Broadway Video, newest venture for featuring original short form comedy, including talent and writers from favorites such as Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, The Lonely Island and the best of YouTube.

The Katydids are a six member female ensemble of some of Chicago’s best up and coming performers whose names all happen to be derived from “Katherine”.

Individually, they are Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, , Katie O’Brien, and Katie Thomas.

They are based out of iO Chicago (formerly ImprovOlympic) and their improv is coached The Second City Mainstage alum, Anthony LeBlanc.

For more info on them, visit The Katydids online as well as their series site, Teachers.

Here a couple of fun Teachers shorts.


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