Party Time Party Time

Morgan and MartyIf you are an avid viewer of live comedy in Chicago you may have noticed many of your favorite faces were missing the last couple of months. Don’t worry, they’re not missing, they have been hard at work on Party Time Party Time, a fun film project created, written, and directed by Chicago-based writers and performers, Marty Schousboe and Morgan Lord.

For the past few months, Lord and Schousboe along with producers Shane Simmons and Liam Winters, have been diligently working on creating a feature length “melanchomedy” film with a cast of over 60 improvisers, actors, musicians, and artists, borrowed from the massive talent pool of Chicago comedy.

Party Time Party Time centers on a jaded guy seeking an outlet for his misery (he’s just been dumped by his wife), and finds it in an apartment stuffed with thirty-something partiers. For those involved, it doesn’t matter how the film is received because they know it will stand forever as a time capsule of their involvement and how much fun they had in being part of such a fun and ambitious project.

The list of established performers associated with this project is too long to publish. At first glance, one may think the producers carry quite a bit of hubris to take on such a feat. But after learning more about the professional approach taken towards Party Time Party Time, one can only feel the anticipation and excitement to see the final product.

Have you ever listened to the beginning of a live album of your favorite band? That 90 second lead in of hearing the crowd yearn for the show is pure electric. This is the feeling of those surrounding this project.

Knowing that the crew behind the scenes is a skeleton crew of about 6 that handle everything from art design, AD-ing, script supervising, hair, makeup, and camera, the amount of collaboration that has been executed so far in the creation of this film is awe inspiring.

There have been countless nights of filming until dawn and hours of dancing sequences being filmed for only a few moments of screen time. Actors were only given the pages of the script they were performing. It has helped to keep the story under wraps and certainly gives an air of mystery around the final vision.

The film hasn’t even been screened yet, but it is already gaining a cult following amongst fans of improvisation, Chicago, and comedy in general.

Although shooting has wrapped, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to achieve their ultimate goal. For help in this, the creators and producers started a Kickstarter campaign to help them finish creating the film.

Recently, not only was their goal met, it was surpassed.

Speaking to people involved in the making of Party Time Party Time, one can feel their excitement for the film. They’re excited to see the film, they’re excited about the possibilities of the film, and they’re excited for Marty and Morgan.

We are too.

Watch the trailer for Party Time Party Time

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