Jason Winer & Christine Tawfik Join New Comedy by Nasim Pedrad


Deadline reports that a new FOX comedy pilot co-created by Nasim Pedrad (SNL) will include our friends Jason Winer and Chrsitine Tawfik.

Co-created by Rob Rosell and Pedrad, Chad centers on a 14-year-old boy (Pedrad), who in the throes of adolescence is tasked with being the man of the house, which leaves him with all the responsibilities of being an adult without any of the perks. The pilot will be directed by Jason Winer and will co-star Christine Tawfik who plays Naz, the witty long-divorced mom raising her two kids in Delaware with the help of her older cousin, Hamid.

We are incredibly proud of both Winer and Tawfik and can’t wait to watch Chad!

Read more about Nasim Pedrad’s ‘Chad’ Fox comedy pilot on Deadline.


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