David Pasquesi

David PasquesiDavid Pasquesi began his long-form improv study in the early 80’s with The Second City. Later, on the advice Bill Murray, he set out to study with the late Del Close.

Later, as a student and performer of the ImprovOlympic (now known as “iO“), he was part of iO’s first house team, “Barron’s Barracuda’s”. He is also an alumni of the Annoyance Theater and The Second City theater, where he performed with their touring company before being hired for their Main stage show ensemble. David has appeared in several films and television shows and continues to successfully work in both mediums.

David is a resident of Chicago and performs every week with the legendary improvisational two-person show, ‘TJ & Dave’, with TJ Jagodowski.

Fun fact: David was in the class where the Harold was first developed.

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