Bill Weiner: High School Guidance Counselor

"Bill Weiner: High School Guidance Counselor" is a web series, starring Bill Arnett, who's character, "Bill Weiner", is a High School Guidance Counselor. Created by Patrick … [Read more...]

“Sound Advice”, New Web Series by Vanessa Bayer

SNL's Vanessa Bayer has a new web series with Above Average and it's pretty funny. The series, "Sound Advice", stars Bayer as "Janessa Slater", a media coach that specializes … [Read more...]

“Shrink”, An Improvised Web Series by Ted Tremper

Shrink is the latest web series created by Ted Tremper, winner of both the 2012 New York Television Festival Awards for Best Comedy Pilot and the NYTVF Critic's Award. The … [Read more...]

Selleck and Me

Do you like Mustaches? if you do, chances are you like Tom Selleck, and that means you'll like John Paliferro's site dedicated to man himself: Selleck and Me. This … [Read more...]

Party Time Party Time

If you are an avid viewer of live comedy in Chicago you may have noticed many of your favorite faces were missing the last couple of months. Don't worry, they’re not missing, … [Read more...]


Teachers is a comedy web series about the small and often wildly inappropriate conversations teachers have with each other in the course of their workday. The concept and … [Read more...]